$10 drop-in
$40 per month
$60 per month for a couple (must be related)
$45 10-class punch card
** prices are subject to change


Tues 12:05pm
A challenging Strength class designed to sculpt, tone & strengthen the entire body. Strength training the entire body with great music & a fun atmosphere, the student will learn properstrength & core techniques & burn a ton of calories!!!!


Mon 12:05pm
Fri 5:45am
High Intensity Interval Training. A "results oriented" cross training workout involving all aspects of fitness: strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and core stability. This cross training workout will focus on one or more of these aspects and will be different in every class. A perfect cross training workout to push the student to the next level of fitness.


Tue 5:45am
This packed 30 minute class will not leave you feeling cheated! NO REST - ALL WORK!! Anything goes...


Wed 12:05pm
Tahoe Room
FLEXIBLE CORE STRENGTH is designed to focus on strengthening your core ans improving your flexibility. You will relieve tight miuscles with several stretches and improve your core strength with challenging exercises.


Tue & Thu 10:30am
Comstock Room
FLOW YOGA combines yoga poses or "asanas" together in a flowing pattern. Increased flexibility, improved balance and strength will be the benefits of this class. A great way to relieve stress, anxiety and tension, focusing on better quality of life.


Fri 10:30am
Comstock Room
HATHA YOGA can help you recognize your hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance of Asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations. to focus on improving flexibility. With consistent practice, participants will increase flexibility and help relieve tight muscles.


Mon 5:45am
Thu 12:05pm
Using Tabata training principles, 20 seconds heavy workload followed by 10 second rest period in a series of 8, this workout will take you to a new level of fitness! These principles enable you to put more intensity in your workout due to the shorter time frame, so you burn more calories and become more fit. Strength, cardio and core are used in this jam packed workout that will have you saying "I GOTTA TABATA"!

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